March 21, 2020
by Dr. Jane Wilkov

Our response to COVID 19 – we accelerated our telemedicine implementation and launched on Monday, March 23. One and a half years later we have done over 5,000 visits!

The same trusted and convenient care that you love in our office, now provided in the comfort of your home!

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients from anywhere using smartphones, tables or computers. A televisit is an appointment using this technology on a secure and HIPAA compliant platform.

How are we different?

DPC hosts this service with Anytime Pediatrics. Unlike other services that are advertised by insurance companies and big businesses your visit will be scheduled with one of our providers. We will be able to review and document in your child’s DPC chart just as if you were in the office. We are here to keep your child’s medical care in your medical home.

What type of visits can we do?

Telehealth can work well for things such as ADHD follow ups, medication checks, rashes, colds, pink eye, behavioral issues, minor illness and injuries, GI symptoms, and more. There are limitations, for example we cannot diagnose ear infections and strep throat without an office visit, or do checkups, physicals and immunizations.

Covid 19 and telehealth: Special measures in this unprecedented time.

If your child has a fever and/or respiratory symptoms we do not want you to leave home. We want you to connect with us.

WITH THE CURRENT DELTA SURGE WE ARE REQUIRING a telemedicine visit for any child with fever and/or respiratory symptoms and/or sore throat. In most cases we will be able to complete the visit. If we feel that clinically your child must be seen, we will schedule you to come to the office during the designated time for sick visits, or direct you to the best place for care.

How does it work?

You must download the Anytime Pediatrics app to a mobile device, (ios and android links below) OR if using a computer you can register and launch visits HERE . Please register each child. On the mobile app you MUST ENTER OUR PRACTICE CODE 1177 and select a doctor.



Please review these TELEMEDICINE TIPS before your visit, so you are prepared.


You can register anytime, before you even need an appointment.

After you enter demographic information you will get to a screen that says “request visit”. It may say that “Dekalb Pediatric Center is currently not open for telehealth.” This is because we will initially work by appointment.

When you would like to request a visit, call the office during regular hours to schedule your appointment, just like you would for an in office visit. We will soon have online scheduling options via the portal. In addition many of the phone advice calls and portal messages will be converted to a telemedicine visit.

Use your Anytime Pediatrics app, or launch a visit HERE to “check in” for your appointment by entering the virtual waiting room up to 15 minutes before your appointment. Our staff will greet and chat with you.

Most insurance companies are covering these visits (some temporarily during the Covid 19 emergency) with the same benefits you have for in office care. The maximum fee you could be responsible for is $60.00. We will verify benefits and take any payment if required. If you are seen in the office you will only have one charge for the day.

You will then be routed to the provider your appointment is scheduled with for the visit to begin.

You will need a good connection – 4G or 5G works best, or Google Chrome if using a computer. You will have an opportunity to snap or upload still pictures, which are often very helpful.

Please bear with us as we try out this technology together.

 Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

What was a planned 3 month implementation and roll-out of telemedicine for follow up and routine visits has become, in one week, an urgent response to meet the needs of all of our patients.

We are your medical home, and as always, we are here for you during this unique and difficult time.

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