Pediatric Advice

Minor Injuries

Call 911 for any serious injury

Head Injuries

The most common calls we get from parents about injuries are related to head injuries. “My child fell off the bed”, My child was running and fell hard onto his head”, “My child has a big goose egg.” If there was no loss of consciousness, the child cried for a few minutes, then calmed down, is now acting close to normal and there are no other injuries most likely this is a minor bump and the child will do fine. Often a mild headache and vomiting 1 or 2 times will accompany the injury. It is ok to give Tylenol and observe the child closely. If headache worsens, vomiting persists or there are any neurological changes it is time to seek care. Head injuries with loss of consciousness, confusion, or altered mental state need immediate attention. Read more about head injuries here.

Cuts, Scrapes, Abrasions, Bites

Most superficial cuts can be treated at home. Apply pressure for bleeding, clean the cut well, apply antibiotic cream and cover. Cuts to the inside of the mouth often bleed a lot but heal quickly. Abrasions need to be cleaned very well to remove all the loose dirt. Read here about the kind of cuts that may need medical care and/or stitches. Dog bites need to be cleaned very well and often antibiotics are needed. Rabies needs to be considered for all bites. Tetanus shots need to be up to date for all tetanus prone wounds.

Muscle and Joint Injuries

P.R.I.C.E: protect, rest, ice, compression, elevate is often what is needed initially for sprains and strains. More serious injuries or those that do not respond to symptomatic care may need Xrays and further evaluation.

Poison or Chemical Consumption

Georgia Poison Control: 404-616-9000

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