Nurse Advice

How It Works

You can access our fully trained nurses by calling the office during regular hours or by sending a secure message via our patient portal. Your question/concerns will be routed to our nurses and calls returned by the end of each day. The order of the call backs is determined by the acuity level of the call. Please be sure that you leave a number at which you can be reached throughout the day, and be sure your phone is unblocked and that your cell phone is turned on. If your child’s condition changes before you receive a call please call us back and state the new problem to our front office staff so they can assist you. You can always ask for an appointment instead of a phone call. If there are no appointment slots left for the day our nurse will begin triaging all calls as soon as possible. If you think your child has a true emergency you must tell our front office staff. For life threatening emergencies call 911.

What We Do

Many of the answers to your questions can be found on this web site. The information was written by us, with links to resources we have selected and reviewed. We know, however, that there are times when talking to a nurse can be very helpful. Our nurses follow office protocols and have years of experience. The nurses can offer routine advice, liaison with the providers and help you decide if an office visit is necessary. Often home care advice can be given instead of or until the next available appointment. Sometimes, for more severe conditions, we will advise you to go to Children’s HealthCare of Atlanta.

New Prescriptions

As a general rule we do not call in new prescriptions over the phone, however there are times when it is medically appropriate for us to offer a “phone visit” with a new prescription called in for your child instead of an office visit. An example would be some cases of pink eye. After taking a history, consulting with a physician when necessary, and reviewing the chart we may feel it is appropriate to call in a prescription, saving you the time and expense of an office visit. If you choose this option there is a $15.00 charge for this medical service. You can always, if you prefer, schedule an office visit.

Refill Prescriptions

Our nurses will process refill requests and assist with prior approvals and insurance issues as needed. We prefer you request refills via the patient portal, but you may call during regular hours and our receptionists will intake the necessary information. Refills for routine medicines are done Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and daily for urgent needs.

Secure Messages

You can send the nurse a secure message for a routine question that will be answered that day via our new PATIENT PORTAL. THIS IS FOR ROUTINE QUESTIONS ONLY, MON-FRI during regular business hours.

We document all calls in your child’s electronic chart and communicate back and forth with the ”doctor of the day” as needed.