Our New Blog Initiative

January 6, 2016
by Dr. Jane Wilkov

We now have 10 providers at DPC, with a wide range of both personal and professional interests and experiences. We’re excited to share some of our pearls, tips, and thoughts on a wide variety of topics via our new blog posts. Between us we have many years of pediatric experience and have 23 of our own “kids” ranging in age from 8 months to 27 years. We’ve all struggled with life balance, picky eaters, parenting decisions, sleep – or lack thereof, babysitters, daycare, school issues, discipline, etc., etc. We have an ex-preemie, twins, kids who’ve had minor surgeries, minor injuries, hospitalizations, asthma, ADHD and a laundry list of minor illnesses. Our conversations at work are sometimes about breast feeding and toilet training, school issues and after school activities, teen issues – drinking, driving, college applications, and empty nest syndrome (that’s me!).

We’ve come to realize that we share and struggle with many of the same issues that you do. Our advantage, perhaps, is that we have 9 colleagues to discuss things with, access to many resources, and years of pediatric training and experience. Plus all that we have learned from you over the years! So, we are launching this blog, where each of our providers will pick a topic and provide some personal insights that we hope you will enjoy reading. Look for a new post each week and please feel free to give us suggestions on any topics you would like to see us address.

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