Candy or Poison?

March 24, 2016
by Dekalb Pediatrics

What harm could come from dying Easter eggs with my nieces and nephews?  Certainly my sister could trust me with her children for a few hours?  These thoughts raced through my head as my adorable 3 year old niece sweetly asked me for more blue candy.  I knew there was no blue candy, yet her mouth, lips and chin were brightly blue!  I felt myself panic as I looked around and realized that she had ingested a blue dye tablet.  Immediately I dialed Poison Control and was relieved to discover that (of course) the tablets are not toxic. They gave me a heads up that she may have a blue mouth for a while, and indeed she did. Fortunately there was no permanent harm; however I am preparing myself yet again for the annual jokes about my questionable babysitting skills.

Poison Control is an amazing service that is completely free and available 24/7.  The Georgia Poison Center can be reached by dialing 404-616-9000. The Center is staffed by poison specialists and board certified toxicologists are on call for back up.  They have a wonderful website where you can Live Chat with urgent concerns, email non-urgent questions, and read about topics from poisoning prevention to rabies.

As a pediatrician, I have answered many questions about potential ingestions but my colleagues at Poison Control are the true experts.

My hope is that you will learn from my mistake, and keep anything even potentially toxic (especially if it looks like candy!) out of sight and reach.






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