Pfizer COVID 19 Vaccine is HERE!

April 12, 2021
by Dekalb Pediatrics

We are continuing our vaccination effort and are now on our 3rd Pfizer shipment. Over 2400 doses administered to our patients, families and community members in 3 weeks! We are super excited about this opportunity to continue vaccinating as many of our 16 years old and up patients, our DPC “graduates”, our parents, grandparents, caretakers, friends and the larger community. We plan to vaccinate daily and be able to replenish our supply based on state allocations and demand. As of March 25 every Georgian is eligible for vaccine. WE EXPECT THE FDA TO AUTHORIZE USE IN 12-15 YEAR OLDS VERY SOON. WE WILL BE READY!  We’ve worked hard on, and keep revising the process to make this as simple and efficient as possible. It is quite an undertaking and commitment to correctly store the vaccine, administer it safely, and report to the state via the immunization registry within 24 hours. A huge pat on the back to our Docs, PNPs, and the entire staff who have stayed late and worked diligently to make this happen. We are honored to be part of this important effort to get as many people vaccinated as safely and as soon as possible.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Updated 4/12

Here is the current process – we will adjust daily as needed and update information about our vaccine supply here and on the PORTAL:

We have enough vaccine this week to continue offering first dose of Pfizer vaccine with a return appointment for Dose 2, exactly 21 days later. We also can offer a limited number of second doses to those who received Pfizer elsewhere, at least 21 days ago.

*Current patients age 16 and above, or older former patients who can access the patient portal:

You can search for and make an available appointment on the portal for you (the patient), under the patient’s name. You do not need to do anything else.

*Parents and relatives of current patients: Update 4/12

If you are registered for your child on the portal and want an appointment for up to 4 adults – PARENTS, GRANDPARENTS, CARETAKERS (Not friends) you can do the following:

-From the portal make each appointment under your child’s name.

-The confirmation will come for your child – but do not worry, we will change to the adult when you arrive.

*”Friends” of DPC, Community members: (ADULTS, and TEENS (16 yr and up) Update 4/12

We have vaccine this week to continue offering first dose (with a return appointment 21 days later) and a limited number of second dose to those in the community needing their second dose- Pfizer , at least 21 days since Dose 1.

We need your NAME(s), BIRTHDAY, ADDRESS PHONE NUMBER and EMAIL sent to  We have daily appointments and will respond with a date and time offer. (often for the same day). You will have the option of accepting or declining. The response has been tremendous –  we are processing the emails as quickly as we can.


Read the Pfizer Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet, also found on the portal under FORMS.

Learn about V-safe, also found on the portal under FORMS

Instructions and information about what to expect can be previewed HERE

We at DPC are vaccinated, and one year from when Covid 19 changed everything, we can not wait for you to be vaccinated too! We look forward to answering any questions and doing what we can to help you stay healthy and safe and get back to our new normal.

Pictures from Saturday. Whether vaccinating a 16 or 95 year old, or many in-between our team rocked! We even gave Pfizer – the “must be frozen” vaccine in our FROZEN room!





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