2017 Flu Shots Now Available!

September 3, 2017
by Dekalb Pediatrics

Anyone 6 months of age and older, Parents, Caretakers: Come one, Come all!

We are offering flu shots at any office visit, or beginning September 11th, walk in at your convenience between 8:30 and 5:00 Monday – Friday. (parents and sibs can get at one child’s appointment).

Once again, based on data showing decreased protection compared to the injectable flu vaccine we are following the CDC, the ACIP, and the AAP recommendation that Nasal Flu (FluMist) should not be used this season.

We  have a large supply of injectable vaccine (small needle, relatively painless, minimal side effects, if any at all). Everyone should get a flu shot yearly, especially anyone with a history of asthma or a chronic medical condition. Those under age 9 getting vaccine for the first time , or who have not had 2 doses in the past, will need two doses 4 weeks apart.

PARENTS: As a convenience we have shots for $25.00 cash (no credit or debit cards) and strongly recommend flu shots for every household member, especially if there is a baby under 6 months (too young to be vaccinated, but high risk for complications if get the flu.)

See more information about the flu here.

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