Flu Clinic 2020; It’s not too late!

November 18, 2020
by Dekalb Pediatrics

As of mid November we’ve given almost 5,000 flu shots safely and efficiently. Please don’t hesitate- come get yours before we get into the winter and flu season.

This year, with Covid-19 also circulating, it is more important than ever for everyone over 6 months of age to get a flu shot. We are ready with  a new safe, efficient, convenient process for Flu Clinic. M-F between 8:30 and 1:00 and 2:00-5:00 you will use the patient portal from the parking lot (NOT IN ADVANCE) to make your “walk in” appointment, check in and complete a short form. We will then bring you into the well waiting room to administer the shot, then right back out, with a sticker! Clean, safe and quick.  Read details below, and be sure ahead of time, that you can access the portal. Call us if you need assistance. Find more information about the flu HERE.

WHO: Everyone 6mo of age and older, especially anyone with an underlying medical condition such as asthma.

WHEN: Daily BEGINNING Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020 – January at any scheduled office visit, or create a “walk in”  appointment FROM YOUR CAR, using the portal, anytime at your convenience M-F between 8:30- 1:00 and 2:00 – 5:00. (parents and siblings can get when here for one child’s appointment). It is recommended, whenever possible, to get immunized by the end of October.

HOW: For Flu Clinic – DO NOT make an appointment in ADVANCE. Come to the parking lot, log on to the portal WHEN YOU ARRIVE. You will then create an appointment, use the mobile check in button, complete a short form and THEN PROCEED to the entrance side porch, using the cone walkway. DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING. A staff member will greet you. Shots will be  done in the well waiting room….in and out very quickly. If there is a line, please wait along the porch, socially distanced, or in your car. Masks must be worn. Families/caretakers welcome. Will bill insurance for patients, $25.00 cash for adults. Be sure you can log into the portal before you come. Call us if you need any assistance.

WHAT: We have received a large supply of flu shots and Flumist for our  insured patients. We are awaiting our VFC shipment, expected the week of Sept 14th.

PARENTS: As a convenience we have shots for $25.00 cash (no credit or debit cards) and strongly recommend flu shots for every household member, especially if there is a baby under 6 months (they are too young to be vaccinated, but at high risk for complications if they get the flu.)

WHY: Although the flu shot is not 100% effective it dramatically reduces the risk of catching the flu—which can range from mild symptoms and discomfort to serious and severe illness, even death. The strains in the vaccine are changed every year to try to match what the experts think will be circulating. Everyone needs a flu shot yearly, and those under age 9 getting vaccine for the first time, or who have not had 2 doses in the past, will need two doses 4 weeks apart.


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