Breakfast Secrets Everyone Should Share

April 21, 2016
by Dekalb Pediatrics

Here are some great tips about breakfast from Strong4Life – The links have great information!

Every morning, breakfast is a great opportunity to start your child’s day right. It’s also a chance to start it wrong, with too much hidden sugar. See what happens to your child’s body after he eats a sugary breakfast, then get nine easy breakfast ideas with the nutrition he really needs.

Why Your Child’s Breakfast May Actually Be Hurting Him

Here’s a wake up call: Did you know a bowl of kids’ cereal has more sugar than a child should have in a whole day? The same goes for many popular breakfast foods, such as energy bars, yogurts, smoothies and donuts. See what happens inside your child’s body after he eats a sugary breakfast

9 Easy Breakfast Shortcuts Busy Families Love

When your child eats a healthy breakfast, he feels better and learns better … now, that’s a real happy meal! And thankfully, “healthy” doesn’t have to mean time consuming. Our 9 Bright Breakfast Ideas are a snap to make (often ahead of time). Your kids will love them, and their teachers will thank you!

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